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Radon at Work

In Switzerland, a threshold value of 1000 Bq/m3 applies to the radon activity concentration at radon-exposed workplaces averaged over one year (Radiation protection Ordinance art. 156). Special caution is required in the following facilities:

  • Water supply systems (groundwater pump stations, spring water facilities, water reservoirs, see also Radon in drinking water)
  • Underground warehouses and storage halls
  • Military fortifications
  • Tunnel construction sites and mines
  • Used factories for radium-based luminous numerals (watch and aviation industry)

Our Services for Safety at Work

Are your employees possibly exposed to elevated levels of radon? – Econs Technology will do the measurements to find out.

What if high radon concentrations are detected? – Most important is the proportionality of the response and a cautious communication. Panic is neither necessary nor effective. The goal of reducing risks to an acceptable level should be kept in mind. Who is at risk and to what extent? Which immediate operational measures minimize the immediate danger? Our specialists explain the situation to you in a comprehensible way and advise you on immediate measures to protect your workforce until a remediation concept is available.

Where does the radon come from? – Radon concentrations can vary greatly. Econs Technology AG experts are equipped and trained to determine the location and time of concentration maxima. This is the most important basis for further action.

How to mitigate high radon concentrations? – A recovery plan typically consists of one or more of the following elements:

  • Control and minimize the length of stay of people in radon contaminated rooms.
  • Minimize radon penetration from heavily contaminated rooms by construction measures, set up an artificial pressure gradient towards the outside.
  • Monitor the air quality in the rooms entered by the workforce. Control ventilation to achieve the greatest effect with the least amount of energy.
  • Reduce radon sources, for example by degassing contaminated water entry points.

Econs Technology AG offers advice on the choice and implementation of appropriate measures. Good solutions are not only effective but also affordable!